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Wind Generators, Wind Towers, Wind Energy Systems & Wind Energy Accessories

Wind Energy Direct is your one stop shop for all things wind power related. We carry a large line of wind generators, wind towers, wind energy systems, wind energy accessories and hybrid wind solar systems – everything that you need to get your wind power kit off the ground and flying high. Our pre-packaged wind energy kits include off-grid wind energy systems, grid-tied wind energy systems, RV wind energy kits, boat/marine wind energy kits and hybrid wind solar energy systems. No matter how large or small your wind energy application, Wind Energy Direct has the wind generator, wind tower, wind energy accessories, or complete wind energy system that is perfect for your needs and your budget.

Our complete line of wind energy systems and products is ideal for a number of wind energy applications, including:

  • Residential wind energy systems
  • Commercial wind energy systems
  • Municipal wind energy systems
  • Industrial wind energy systems
  • Agricultural wind energy systems
  • Remote wind energy systems
  • ind energy pumping stations
  • Portable wind energy systems

Wind Energy Direct is proud to offer the very best, most trusted, and highly valued Small Wind Generators on the market today. Our extensive product line includes the Air X Series, The Whisper 100, 200, and 500, and the Skystream 3.7, a brand new Residential Wind Power Kit that comes with a standard, built-in DC to AC Power Inverter, making the Skystream 3.7 ready for on and off-grid applications and appliances right out of the box. We also carry a complete line of Bergey small wind generators and the most trusted small wind generator, the Jacobs 20kw.

Air X Wind Generators are available in both Land and Marine models, and in 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC configurations. The Air X Wind Generators are rated at 400W, and have a monthly output of 38kwh (with 12mph average wind speeds), making the perfect small, lightweight, and affordable small wind generators for small cabins, workshops, RVs, boats, and other small applications where a little extra free power is desired or needed. A wind energy system with an Air X wind generator is extremely affordable, portable if needed, and extremely powerful for its size – an incredibly efficient and cost-effective investment.

The Whisper 100, Whisper 200, and Whisper 500 are more powerful and efficient small wind generators and are perfect for larger remote cabins, small to large farms. The Whisper 500 can even be used for standalone residential and commercial wind energy systems. The Whisper 100 is rated at 900W, with a monthly output of 100kwh (at 12mph average wind speeds). The Whisper 200 is rated at 1000W, and has a monthly output of 158kwh (with 12mph average wind speeds). Both the Whisper 100 and 200 are available in Land and Marine models, and are user switchable between 12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC. The Whisper 500 is a large Small Wind Generator that is rated at 3000W, and has a monthly output of 538kwh (with 12mph average wind speeds. The Whisper 500 is Land and Marine ready, and is user-switchable between 24VDC and 48VDC. Whisper wind generators are extremely affordable and cost-effective, and are an invaluable investment for your home or business.

The Skystream 3.7 is a brand new, cutting-edge small residential wind power generator. Designed to save more money, and be easier, quicker, and safer to install, even in residential areas, than any other wind generator or wind energy system, the Skystream 3.7 has a rated capacity of 1.8kw (1800W) and a peak capacity of 2.4kw (2400W). The Skystream 3.7 Wind Generator includes a built-in DC to AC inverter to deliver power directly at 110VAC or 220VAC, meaning that there is no need for a second inverter for connection to the utility grid, or for use with most standard household appliances. This lowers the cost of purchasing and installing a Skystream 3.7, which means a smaller initial investment, and a shorter payback period. The Skystream 3.7 is available in both Land and Marine models, and in 110VAC or 220VAC configurations. The Skystream 3.7 is one of the most innovative wind generators on the market, and one of the wisest, most valuable investments available in wind energy systems for small residential, and other grid-tied wind energy applications.

Wind Energy Direct is also your direct source for complete Wind Power Kits. Our Complete RV Wind Power Kit includes an Air X Land Wind Generator and a 15’ all-parts-included telescoping RV tower. Our Complete Boat Wind Power Kit includes an Air X Marine Wind Generator and a complete Boat Style Tower Kit. We also carry a Whisper 500 Grid-Tied Wind Power Kit which includes a Whisper 500 Wind Generator as well as a rectifier and DC to AC power inverter. Lastly, carry a complete line of Hybrid Wind-Solar Power Kits which combine either our Whisper 500 or Skystream 3.7 Wind Generators with varying numbers of our GridMaxx SI Solar Panels to provide the most efficient renewable energy power system available. All of our wind power systems are specially designed to provide years of performance and value and feature today’s leading wind energy accessories, wind generators and wind towers, as well as the best, most reliable balance of system components.

We also carry a complete line widn tower and wind energy system accessories designed to make your wind energy system as affordable, efficient and cost-effective as possible. By purchasing these leading accessories and system components from a single, trusted source, you can reduce your installation time and cost, and eliminate the hassles associated with dealing with a number of different vendors and suppliers.

At Wind Energy Direct you will find a complete line of Wind Power Kit components and Accessories. We carry tower kits for each of the Small Wind Generators we carry. We carry guyed tower kits, monopole tower kits, RV tower kits, boat tower kits, and tower accessories including tower augers, foundation bolts, gin pole kits, hinge plate kits, and tower adapters. We also carry Small Wind Generator Accessories including circuit breakers, transformers, remote displays, battery voltage sensors, system and charge controllers, and a complete line of On and Off-Grid Inverters, inverter accessories, and rechargeable AGM batteries for safe, efficient energy storage. We carry everything you need to size, design and install a complete, efficient and cost-effective wind energy system.

The Wind Energy Direct information section includes a number of great resources for those new to wind energy system and seasoned professionals. Our product brochures give you all the information you need to make the most informed and cost-effective purchasing decision. Our other information guides include wind resource maps for the every state in the US, information on wind energy basics and getting started with wind energy. We also information on the basic anatomy of wind generators, and how these amazing machines work, and a siting guide, which will help you determine if your location has the wind resources, and other factors that make a great site for an efficient, cost-effective wind energy system.

If you would like to save money on your monthly electrical bills, help clean up the environment and be energy self-sufficient, you have the come to the right place; Wind Energy Direct is the one-stop-shop for all your Wind Power Kits, and Wind Energy Systems. Please read our information, and browse our extensive the product catalog to find the right Wind Power Kit for you.

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