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Wind Generators l Bergey XL.1
Bergey XL.1
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Bergey XL.1 48-18099 Call for Price
Product Description :

The XL.1 wind turbine is a 24 vdc battery charging unit with a rated output of 1000 watts and a peak output of 1300 watts. The XL.1 is the most reliable small turbine in the world with thousands of systems in the field.  A state of the art "All In One" Power Controller regulates the battery charge and  also will control your solar PV panels as well. The turbine is a horizontal axis, upwind, 3 bladed unit with passive overspeed control.  The XL.1 has pultruded fiberglass blades that are at least 4 times stronger that any competitors machine and the XL.1 features a permanent magnet "inverted" alternator. 

Product Accessories:(to order accessories, see dealer contact number below)

-Black/White Blades

-Tilt-Up Towers $1595-$2450

-5.3kwh to 8.4kwh battery storage $450-$1070

-60 amp Heat Dump Diversion Load for PowerCenter $350


Bergey XL.1 Features & Specifications


Bergey XL.1 Features & Specifications
Model Bergey XL.1
Rotor Diameter 2.5 m (8.2ft)
Weight 95 Lbs
Blades (3) Fiberglass
Body Hot dipped Galvenized Steel
Voltage 24 VDC Nominal
Rated Capacity 1000 Watts @ 27mph
Monthly Output 55kwh/month @ 8mph
Startup Wind Speed 6.7 mph
Survival Wind Speed 120 mph
Control Microprocessor Based Power Center Controller
To order this product or it's accessories, please call :  1-888-765-2711
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