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Wind Generators l Jacobs 20 kw
Jacobs 20 kw
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Jacobs 20 kw 47-18100 Call for Price
Product Description :

The Jacobs 20kw wind turbine is a formidable grid tie energy addition to any home or business.   As the largest of what is considered a residential turbine, the massive Jacobs 31 foot diameter propeller starts power production at only 5 to 6 mph and produces rated power at only 26 mph.   Power is transmitted thru a step up gear head to the (oversized) 30kw Onan alternator which is mounted in the stub frame of the turbine.   Since the alternator is mounted in the tower it minimizes weight and inertia on the rotating head of the turbine, thus allowing extremely accurate tracking (yaw) of even very low winds.  The Jacobs 20kw is the quietest of wind turbines, not even audible under most conditions.

Product Accessories: (to order see dealer contact number below)

-Self supporting towers $9,300-$14,700

-20kw grid tie control UL508 or UL1741 listing $8,500-$14,000

Jacobs 20kw Features & Specifications


Bergey XLS 10 kw Features & Specifications
Model Bergey XLS 10kw
Rotor Diameter 9.5 m (31 ft.)
Weight 2500 Lbs
Blades (3) Fiberglass
Body Hot dipped Galvanized Steel
Voltage 220VAC @ 50hz, 240 VAC @ 60hz
Rated Capacity 20000 Watts @ 27mph
Monthly Output 480kwh/month @ 12mph
Startup Wind Speed 6 mph
Survival Wind Speed 120 mph
Control Mastermind synchronous inverter (purchased seperately)
To order this product or accessories, please call :  1-888-765-2711
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