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Anatomy of a Wind Generator:

The above image shows the layout and basic components of a standard wind generator.  While wind generators come in many different shapes and sizes, the general, main components do remain standard throughout most models.

Blades:  the blades of a wind generator, like the propellers of a plane, move with the wind.  As wind strikes them, they turn, rotating the internal components and allowing the turbine to generate electricity.

The Hub:  The hub connects the Blades to the rotor, and to the internal components of the wind turbine.

The Main Shaft:  the main shaft rotates at the same speed as the rotor.  It transfers the rotation of the rotor to the gear-box transmission.

Gear-Box Transmission:  the gear-box transmission increases the rotation speed of the main shaft to transfer to the high-speed shaft.

The Brake:  The brake allows the Wind Turbine to slow down, or even stop the rotation of the hub in case of damaging conditions or internal problems with the wind generator.

High-Speed Shaft:  the high-speed shaft transfers the increased speed from the gear-box transmission to the internal generator.

Generator:  the generator is the heart of the Wind Turbine.  The internal generator actually converts the kinetic energy of the rotating shafts into usable electrical energy.  The power is then transferred by power cord to your home, office, the utility grid, or storage batteries.

Housing:  the housing is the hard shell that protects the internal components of the wind generator from getting damaged.  The Housing is often made of welded steel, cast aluminum of high-strength composites.

Tower:  the tower is a crucial component of the Wind Generator.  The tower hoists the wind generator up and secures it high above the ground where the wind is clear and usable.  Towers come in a variety of heights, and types including guyed towers and monopole towers.  Each have their own benefits compared to the other.


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