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Getting Started

By visiting Wind Energy Direct, you have already taken the first, and most important step in getting started with Wind Energy, and purchasing, installing, and installing a clean, efficient, cost-effective Wind Energy System for your home or small business.  Wind Energy Direct is your one-stop source for information about Wind Energy, Wind Energy Systems, and the products that make Wind Energy viable and important to your life.

There are numerous steps that should be undertaken when considering the purchase and installation of a Wind Energy System.  Here are a few of the key, important steps that you should take.

  1. Check your local zoning laws and ensure that they allow for the installation of a wind generator on a tower (sometimes up to 80 or 100 foot towers are needed)
  2. Check with your energy utility and make sure that they have a net metering agreement in place for you to sell any excess energy generated by your Wind Generator back to the utility.  This step is only important if you intend to use a Grid-Tied System.
  3. Examine whether Wind Energy is feasible for you.  Check wind maps and make sure that you get the appropriate amount of wind at your location to utilize the investment of a wind energy system.
  4. Determine which wind generator is right for you.  There are many wind generators available, each with different features, power capacity, and uses.  You should take into account the following when selecting a wind generator:  budget, power needs, percentage of your power you want to eliminate with Wind Energy, whether you are going on or off grid, and what the wind resources in your area are.
  5. Determine which accessories your chose wind generator and chosen system type will need for installation.  This includes; tower, tower kits, inverters, charge controller, batteries, tracking and displays, software, etc.

These steps are just a few of the steps that are important when getting started with a new wind energy system.  A local contractor or Wind Energy Installer can help with other specific steps such as permits, local ordinances, and filing paperwork with the utility and state and local authorities.

If you have any questions about specific getting started steps, please contact us
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