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Skystream Towers
Skystream 3.7 Monopole Towers
Designed for users with space restrictions, or for those owners who appreciate the clean, sleek look of a single, unsupported tower. The Monopole Tower Kits from Wind Energy Direct come in 2 heights; 33' and 45', and come with all hardware except foundation bolts.
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Skystream 3.7 Guyed Towers
Lower Priced than Monopole Towers, Guyed Towers from Wind Energy Direct are a good, low-cost option for mounting your Skystream 3.7 Residential Wind Generator. These kits come with guy wires and connectors, but not pipe and augers.
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Skystream 3.7 Tower Accessories
Accessories specifically designed to ease the installation of your Skystream 3.7 and Tower Kit. Tower Accessories from Wind Energy Direct include Foundation Bolt Kits, Hinge Plates and Gin Poles, and Tower Adapters.
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To order this product, please call :  1-888-765-2711 ext 219
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