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Wind Generators l Whisper 100
Whisper 100 Wind Generator
Model SKU Price
Whisper 100 Land 38-0003 Call for Price
Whisper 100 Marine 38-0004 Call for Price
Land w/o Controller 38-0003 Call for Price
Please Call To Order
Marine w/o Controller 38-0004 Call for Price
Please Call To Order
Product Description :

The Whisper 100 Wind Generator is a small, but powerful wind turbine, perfect for today’s small, remote, off-grid applications.  The Whisper 100 features a built-in Whisper Controller for easy system control, and is available in Land and Marine Models.

The factory setting of the Whisper 100 is 12VDC, but this is user switchable to 24 and 48VDC, in order to ensure successful integration and operation within your current appliances and electrical system.

Both the Land and Marine versions feature a 7 FT rotor diameter, a weight of 47 Lbs, and a cast aluminum body.  The Marine version also has a powder-coat finish and sealed components to provide ample protection in damaging, marine conditions and weather.

The Whisper 100 is rated at 900 watts, will put out approximately 100kwh per month with 12mph winds, and features a start up wind speed of 7.5mph and a survival wind speed of 120mph.


Air X Land Features & Specifications
Model Whisper 100 Land/Marine
Rotor Diameter 7 Ft
Weight 47 Lbs
Blades (3) PolyPro/Carbon Glass Reinforced
Body Cast Aluminum (marine has powder-coat)
Voltage 12, 24, 36, and 48 VDC
Rated Capacity 900 watts @ 28mph
Monthly Output 100kwh/month @ 12mph
Startup Wind Speed 7.5mph
Survival Wind Speed 120mph
Control Whisper Controller

For additional information on the Whisper 100 Land and Marine Wind Turbines, please read our Whisper 100 Brochure

To order this product, please call :  1-888-765-2711
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